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In 2003 I partnered with a former Disney college and the Jeep Corporation to make a 65-minute direct-to-video feature film titled Tugger the Jeep Who Wanted to Fly. The studio was Genesis and released with Animated Family Films in 2005. It was a very low budget film but did have a limited theater release in 50 cities across the United States and many screening overseas on military bases. The film was also published with HBO, Netflix, Showtime, several airline carriers and later made available on DVD at Target and GameStop. It can still be purchased on Amazon. I was the Co-writer and Director of the film as well as provided all the storyboards. I have always been a big “Jeep Freek” and always wanted to tell a story about a Jeep. It was a great thrill of mine to have the opportunity to meet and pitch the Tugger story to the CEO of Jeep with about 25 story beat boards to green-light the project.

Tugger beat board  title.jpg

Tugger was a WWII jeep who was injured and the GI’s replaced his engine fan with an airplane propeller. From that point on Tugger knew that one day he would fly like a real airplane.

Tugger process board.jpg
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