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I am a professional storyteller and illustrator with an Americana sensibility.        I grew up in Michigan, sitting around the fireplace listening to my grandfather’s tall tales. Those tales were then re-enacted with my brother and sisters outdoors because when it was sunny Grandma wouldn’t allow us kids to stay inside the house. Evenings or cold and rainy days we would all gather around the kitchen table to further immerse ourselves in the imaginary world; reliving the adventures through drawing pictures.


Four years of active service in the Marine Corps, being deployed all over the world, and meeting people of different cultures further inspired my craft. Yet as bullets were flying overhead in the Kuwaiti desert, I figured there had to be a better way to make a living, so after I returned stateside I enrolled in the illustration department of the Ringling School of Art and Design. Working my way through college drawing caricatures at parties and special events gave me an edge over my fellow students. This interaction and observation of people has always come through my work and allowed me to draw quickly to capture expressions and settings. I believe that every person has a story to tell and that by drawing through expression and exaggeration, I can find honest storytelling. Being able to illustrate expressively attracted the attention of many      animation studios.


I was recruited by Disney Feature Animation, where I started at the entry position of clean-up animator.  After developing my skills, I was moved into the story department. This is where I felt most at home, working with the world’s greatest storytellers. From then until now, I have traveled the country and the world making over a dozen feature films for studios; Disney, Laika, Sony, FOX, Lucas Films, Aardman, and One Animation. I have also had opportunities to teach and lecture in institutions like DigiPen, LASSALE, Elite Animation Academy, RUS, and Banff Centre. All the creativity, classical training, travel, and varied cultural experiences have enhanced my ability to tell stories.


I am thankful and fortunate to be able to use my talents and my life experiences to entertain people by making pictures and telling stories.



One Animation Indonesia 2019 – Present

Head of Creative Jakarta studio

Boulder Media 2018

Transformers Cyberverse (story artist)

Chris Wall 2017

Wingfeather Saga (story artist)

Huhu 2017

Mosley (story artist)

One Animation 2013 - 2016

Insectibles (Director) Oddbods (senior story artist)

Lucas Film 2012 - 2013

Strange Magic  (senior story artist)

Digital Domain 2011 - 2012

The Legend of Tembo (senior story artist) 

Digipen  2010 - 2011

Teaching (Singapore)

Aardman  2009

Arthur Christmas (story artist)

Omation  2009

Planet Sheen (story artist)

Laika Inc.    2008 - 2009

Jack and Ben (story artist)

Animation Lab    2007 - 2008

Wild Bunch (story artist)

20th Century Fox    2007

Aliens in the Attic (story artist)

DME    2006 - 2008

Sonohgong (head of story)

Project Firefly   2004 - 2005

Walt Disney Toons Cinderella III (story Artist)

Genesis Orlando    2002 - 2004

Tugger the Little Jeep Who Wanted to Fly

Tugger and the Kansas Twister

(Creator, Writer, Director and Head of Story)

Walt Disney Feature Animation    1997 - 2002

The Emperor and the Nightingale (story)

Snow Queen (story)

Brother Bear (story)

Treasure Planet (story)

Lilo & Stitch (inbetweener)

Emperor’s New Groove (inbetweener)

Tarzan (inbetweener)

How to Haunt a House (inbetweener)

Mulan (inbetweener)


BFA illustration

Ringling School of Art and Design, 1997

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