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I was first hired by One Animation in Singapore in 2013 to develop and direct on two original properties Insectibles and Oddbods long seven minute format. I ultimately choose to direct Insectibles all 52 eleven-minute episodes. The show is about a boy, Zak and while spending the summer with his eccentric Grandfather, Gramps had shrunk the both of them and injured himself. Gramps repaired Zak by building him a bionic arm with cool features to help him survive in an insect world. Zak teams up with additional bionic bugs to form a superhero team called Insectibles to find all the shrinking machine parts scattered in the backyard. There are all sorts of dangerous insects and dangers facing them while Gramps rebuilds the shrinkernator machine which must be finished by summer’s end before Zak’s mother gets home.



Director's Staging Notes

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